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The chess pieces are solid wood.     Not Hollow plastic! 

Plastic (PVC, vinyl, etc...) pieces dry rot and fade in a short amount of time, and are easily blown over by the wind and cracked or broken. My chess sets are heavy enough not to be blown over by the wind. And if the chess pieces get scratched, stained, or damaged, the chess set can be repainted. With the right care, these chess sets will last a life time, and then some.

My chess pieces are hand made out of white pine. I have 2 size pieces to chose from. (see Measurements) The chess sets are made in my shop in my back yard, one piece at a time.  NOT  "Made In Japan". 

Individual pieces can be purchased. 


I have two finishes to choose from.

Black-and-White Painted & Stained-and-Natural with clear finish.


(Black-and-White Painted)

If you are planning to leave the set out side, this is the finish I recommend.

The painted set has two coats of Minwax® sealer. With a coat of high gloss, exterior, oil base, commercial grade paint. A set with this finish can remain out side. But no finish will permanently protect wood against direct sun, snow, ice and rain. Be sure to check the finish annually to determine if it needs to be recoated. If the finish warrants, apply an additional coat of high gloss, exterior, oil base paint according to the paint label directions.



The dark chess set is stained with Minwax® Jacobean (it is a dark brown). The light chess set is the natural color of white pine. The Stained-and-Natural set has a coat of Minwax® sealer, and two coats of high gloss Minwax® polyurethane. Even though polyurethane is excellent for protecting wood from water, it will not last long in the sun. I do not recommend this finish for out side. I charge an extra $70.00 a set for this finish.



A black & white 6 foot by 6 foot board can be purchased for $100.00. Or an 8 foot by 8 foot board can be purchased for $120.00.  Each board is made out of 2 pieces of indoor-outdoor carpet. The 2 pieces of carpet can be rolled up for storage. 



I recommend you use 12 inch by 12 inch cement tiles 2 inches thick. You can find these locally at home & garden centers like Lowe's, Home Depot and Wal-Mart. They are used for stepping stones in gardens and as walk ways. They come in different colors like white, brown and red. Use 2 different colors to make the contrasting squares for the chess board. I do not sell these because they would cost too much to ship.


There is no charge for shipping in the continental US. The shipping is Free.



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